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1983 AMC Eagle

This is an unexpected car at the V8 Speed and Resto Shop, but it’s cool nonetheless. These 4 wheel drive AMC mini-wagons are gaining popularity, both for their nostalgic draw, and also for their surprising capabilities when properly equipped. This one is powered by a 4-litre straight six, with plans to modify the suspension and do some other upgrades. It’s a father and son project, which makes it even cooler. Follow along as we help them “move the needle” to get this one closer to being ready to modify and enjoy.

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Tremec TKX 5-Speed Manual Transmission Conversion at V8 Speed and Resto Shop

Manual transmission conversions are getting easier thanks to the new Tremec TKX 5-speed overdrive transmission at the V8 Speed and Resto Shop.   The TKX offers not only a smaller case design, but also improvements in shift quality over the popular TKO series transmissions.   The TKX makes it easier to fit into cars like this 1966 Pontiac GTO, or early Mustangs, Camaros, Chevelles, GTO, Galaxies, and other popular Muscle Cars.    

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V8 Radio Podcast - What the heck is taking so long?

We’re all in this slow boat (from China) together…

It’s no secret that the whole world has been affected by the pandemic, and it has certainly crept into the world of restoration and custom car building.   In this episode of the V8 Radio Podcast, Kevin Oeste and Mike “Q-Ball” Clarke dive deep into the root of the delays, and how it has domino-effected our industry.   There’s also some new Automotive Trivia questions, some fun stories, and all the rest of the nonsense you’ve come to expect from the V8 Radio Podcast! 

V8 Radio Podcast
V8 Radio Podcast
What the heck is taking so long? Automotive Trivia, and More on the V8 Radio Podcast

Wheels and tires can make the look of a car, but there are some steps to take to properly measure, order, test, mount, and balance them to avoid issues down the road.

The first challenge is how to properly measure the wheels to fit your car. The following video uses a FORGELINE wheel to demonstrate how to measure Custom wheels are built to order, so it’s important to get the measurements right. In this video, we use a FORGELINE custom racing wheel to demonstrate the techniques used to measure wheel width, backspace, and frontspace, as well as offset. These dimensions are not hard to measure and calculate, and this video will help you get them right.shows what’s involved.

Proper tire clearance is just as important as wheel fitment, and we use some special tools to simulate a wheel and check tire fitment before wheels are ordered. This allows us to turn the steering wheels from lock-to-lock and check for any potential interference.

Once the wheels arrive, DO NOT simply take them out of the box and mount your tires. ALWAYS to a “dry fit”, were you test the wheel on the car without the tire mounted to double check the fitment. If you mount the tires, the wheels will be yours to keep, and most wheel companies will not swap them out for a different set. Custom wheels are generally yours to keep as soon as they are built, but an unmounted wheel is better than one that has tire mounting damage should something need to change.

Once you’re certain the fit is correct, you can mount your tires and balance the wheel and tire combination. We do this in-house to ensure the wheels are handled with proper care, and prefer to dynamic balance wheels and tires in our shop, and we do this in-house to ensure the wheels are handled with proper care.

Only after all these steps are taken are the wheels and tires mounted finally on the car. We prefer to check and correct any alignment issues at this time, to ensure the new rubber does not wear prematurely and the suspension system delivers optimal performance. Our in-house Hunter digital alignment rack allows us to dial-in our preferred settings as needed.

We have a comprehensive alignment questionnaire for our customers to fill out ahead of time, so that we know what type of suspension modifications and driving styles they will be doing. This allows us to tailor the alignment to the car and driver. See the form here: V8 Speed & Resto Shop Vehicle Alignment Questionnaire

Only after all these steps are complete is the car ready to go out and show off the new wheels and tires to the world! Contact us today for a wheel and tire upgrade on your ride, we’re happy to help!

This clean 1967 Plymouth Barracuda came to visit the V8 Speed and Resto Shop in need of some carb tuning and maintenance to the audio system. It’s a cool car powered by a rebuilt 340 with some performance goodies and a 3-speed automatic transmission. The bone customer interior is a nice contrast with the black paint. Photo gallery after the break!

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This cool 1985 Chevrolet C10 Pickup is already equipped with a lowered suspension system and a Holley Sniper EFI system, but not all the pieces were playing nicely together. It came to our shop for some tuning and refinements to make it a cool cruiser.

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