Cuda Plow

It seems like somebody flips a switch and fall turns into winter. We are performing classic car winterization services now at the V8 Speed & Resto Shop! Bring your classic or Muscle Car by and we will check fhe freezing point of your coolant and change if necessary.   We will also perform an oil change to remove contaminated and moisture filled summertime driving oil. This is important to prevent corrosion of internal engine parts during winter storage.  We can add a fuel system stabilizer, check tire pressure an inflate as needded, and make sure all other fluids are up to spec.  We will also install a quick disconnect battery tender to keep your charging system happy during winter storage. In the spring, simply unplug the tender quick disconnect, and your car should be ready to drive.   We can also provide detailing and paint, chrome, and interior conditioning and preservation tricks for winter storage.     Call today for an appointment!   314.783.8325


Mustang AuctionDid you know we offer inspection services for classic cars to help people make smart buying decisions? Don't risk buying a Classic or Muscle Car without having qualified technicians check it out from bottom side to top! Give us a call and we can go to the car, or bring it to our shop and we'll put it on the lift and give it a once-over and point out items needing attention and make recommendations for repairs. We can also shoot a video of the inspection and send it to prospective buyers anywhere in the world! Call us today at 314.783.8325 to set up an inspection!

Dyno Tips

We spend a lot of time tuning cars at the V8 Speed & Resto Shop, and have learned a few things to help make dyno shop tuning sessions go smoothly.    If you need help with a custom tune for you car, be it fuel injected or carbureted, feel free to contact our shop at 314.783.8325 or at and we’ll be happy to discuss having our technicians tune your car on the chassis dyno.   



Overlooked Tips For A Successful Dyno Session


  • Make sure the car runs!

  • Is the car and the dyno shop insured?

  • Have a transportation “plan B” in place just in case something goes wrong!

  • Make sure the car doesn’t leak fluids, exhaust, etc.  

  • Make sure the car is safe to drive, brakes don’t drag, driveshaft good & u-joints, etc.

  • If using your gear, make sure the computer / device can communicate with the car before you take it to the dyno shop.    This can be a tremendous time waster if you have problems.    

  • Check simple things.. Does your car achieve full throttle without the linkage binding?  Is the battery and charging system working properly?   Does the car’s cooling system work properly?

  • Have a goal… are you trying to get a power number, a driving tune, or working on something else?

  • If carbureted, bring jets, squirters, power valves, gaskets, etc., so you don’t have to buy or order new ones halting your mission.

  • Install o2 sensor bungs in pipes for better tune.

  • Bring distributor springs and bushings if tuning ignition.

  • Bring a second set of spark plugs, just in case.   

  • If EFI, be sure charging system and battery are up to par.

  • Bring oil change materials if doing major tuning… you don’t want to run rich and pollute the oil.

  • A friend with a car at the dyno shop is a good idea, in case you need to make a parts store run to get something.

  • Be sure to have the phone number of the tech support department for your EFI system or tuning software should you have a question.   Often times a personal extension or technician’s name will help save time waiting on hold should you need help.

  • If you are planning a full day, have a lunch plan in place!  

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