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Here's What V8TV Speed & Resto Shop Customers Say...

Routy Firebird"They built me my dream car! Top quality work and an honest caring bunch of car nuts is what you will find at V8TV. This shop has what it takes to build whatever you can think of and do it right. Thanks again for building my 1969 Firebird project named Routy. It exceeded my expectations… and that's hard to do."

Sincerely Steve “Routy” Prouty






Small town shop with world class results! V8TV is headed up by front man and founder Kevin Oeste a true Visionary with a deep understanding of what’s the best fit for performance & function, classic or cruiser and an incredible knowledge base to back it all up. His ability to think outside the box to make your project truly one of a kind is in his wheelhouse. The shop manager is Kelle Oeste She definitely is no stranger around an engine bay and just one of those people that “gets it” and is remarkable at keeping all daily aspects in the shop finely tuned. The V8TV Crew is unsurpassed for making your Muscle Car vision come to life --- they provide the perfect complement of performance and style to fit your Dream muscle car specifications.

65 ChevelleThe Crew's commitment to producing a Quality product stems from the top management with the greatest attention to the slightest of details which makes the experience memorable & top notch .A feature which makes this group stand above others in the same business is the documentation process, everything from start to finish is documented and walked through just as though you were there and asking the important questions “why would we do that and use this part….well they will tell you why”. See for yourself…….My car truly is a Star featured under Project cars on the website “1965 Chevelle SS”. It is a Daily Driver too. “World Of Wheels” Show winner story.

My Dream car rolled out of their shop approximately 2 years ago and I couldn’t be prouder of how it turned out. The process is all worthwhile when admirers comment on how "things look & fit better than factory" and "I wish I still had the one...of course it never looked like this." But It Could………

Don O. Chicago, Illinois


Just got a chance to see the video of the car. As always excellent job. I really appreciate all the work everyone at V8TV did on my car. It was a pleasure to work with you. Your shop sets the standards that others should follow.

If you ever need anything from me don't hesitate to ask. There's always a cold one waiting if you are in the area.

Scott Crothers


Top notch work for sure! Kevin produced a better hood than I asked for and it looks even better in real life. I'll post pics of it painted soon. 150% satisfied with the work done, thanks again Kevin and Kelle!!!  - Matthew Gober

I just got the gift from you guys. Actually teared Up a little. The positive energy and warmth from You and your team has made my day since we have met.  I am so glad to know all of you. I have "close friends" that have been absent throughout this process and you guys are always there. Thank u all so much. I can't wait to thank everyone in person and extend my very heartfelt  sincere thanks.

This Hot Wheels is one of my all time favorites. This one Is in AMAZING shape. So awesome. I actually still collect and have the supplies to set up my very own Hot Wheels Restoration shop. My employees and I have Hot Wheels drag races as well. Thanks so much. I love u guys. Have an amazing weekend!!!


Huge thank you to the crew at V8 Speed and Custom shop in Red Bud. I had them rebuild the carb, replace the front end, do some custom exhaust work to get the pipes off the ground (they were way low!), and fix my stuck passenger door. They were amazing to work with, keeping me updated on a daily basis, and I'm happy to say the car performs 100 times better!!!! A joy to drive!


V8 Speed and Resto does awesome work! They can build the car of your dreams! They just completed setting the ride height on the recently installed DSE suspension. Looking Killer!
Thought you'd like to see the fuel rail covers with 442 emblems. The drivers fit perfectly. Passenger side need trimming around a/c compressor. You can't really tell though. The car is a big hit with all who see it. Even my friends that thought I was totally screwing up my "original" 442. Everyone gets it now. And they all want to know where I had the work done. V8 Speed and Resto in Red Bud, Illinois. Where else!
K. L.
I want to thank you and the team at V8 for the outstanding work performed on my Duster. I was so excited to get it back that I drove it approximately 1.000 miles before putting it away for winter.
Merry Christmas!
- R.M.
Got the 'Cuda back today from the restoration shop V8 Speed Shop in RedBud IL.
It took longer than expected because there was more to be done than expected, so it cost more than expected. The engine bay looks fantastic, and she is sound as a dollar!
Everything is running great. I meant to reach out to you earlier to let you and the guys know that I drove 775 miles that first day without any issues. It's a true testament of the quality of work that was done to it. 
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