1969 Hurst Olds Prototype at MCACN – Muscle Car Of The Week Episode 293

In the late 60s, George Hurst was able to work with General Motors and Oldsmobile to create the Hurst/Olds, a specially outfitted Oldsmobile 442 that came with additional features and style beyond the regular 442. The 69 models are particularly interesting because they came with a 455 in.³ V8 installed from the factory, but that engine was not available in any Oldsmobile cutlass until 1970. We recently met with Gary Riley from level one restorations at the 10th anniversary Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals show in Chicago, as they presented the freshly restored 1969 Hurst Olds prototype car, a new addition to The Brothers Collection.

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1969 Hurst Olds Prototype at MCACN – Muscle Car Of The Week Episode 293



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