1970 Ford Mustang BOSS 302 – Muscle Car Of The Week Episode 295 V8TV

What YOU need is a MUSTANG! At least, that’s what the window sticker proclaimed on this 1970 Ford Mustang BOSS 302. And for good reason… a Competition yellow thrill ride like this one can do wonders for whatever problems you might be facing!

That soothsaying sticker goes on to define the variety of Mustang models available for 1970, including the Mach 1 for those on-the-go, the notchback Grande – for “those who’ve already arrived”, and the low-price Hardtop. But this one falls into what they called the “Action Models” – the BOSS series.

Available in the standard production BOSS 302 and limited run BOSS 429, this BOSS 302 is still one of only 7013 built for ‘70, and it’s jammed with parts to brighten your day.

The internet is riddled with stories of the name, be it a nickname given by designed Larry Shinoda to his boss Bunkie Knudsen, or how the term Boss meant bad-to-the-bone back in ‘70… the fact remains that the BOSS 302 was built to legalize Ford’s Mustang entries into Trans Am racing. Road-racing Trans Am cars not only had to resemble regular production models, but they had to have a similarly-equipped baby brother for sale at local car dealers for sale to the public. Chevy had the Z/28, Plymouth the AAR ‘Cuda, and Mustang fans got to emulate their racing heroes in the BOSS 302.

BOSS 302s were legit, too.. starting with the thin-wall, 4-bolt main block cast from stronger steel and equipped with threaded-in freeze plugs for added rigidity. The displacement was 302 cubic inches to fit the Trans Am rules, but it was topped with canted, large-valve Cleveland style cylinder heads making 10.5:1 compression and an advertised 290 HP and 290 pound-feet of torque. It was designed to tach up, with a special balancer and pulleys designed to keep belts happy at high RPMs. Beefed up rod bolts and a solid lifter cam help it spin. A stiff-clutched 4-speed gears up the driveline for action.

But the BOSS is more than an engine, the rest of the car is road-race inspired as well. Quick ratio power steering puts the competition suspension to the test, but it fights back with an oversized sway bar, lowered stance, and specially tuned shock absorbers. Power front disc brakes drag down the 15” chrome Magnum 500 wheels and F/60-15 belted tires, and a Detroit locker rear differential lights ‘em back up when the hammer goes down.

The look is speedy, too, with a shaker hood scoop poking up through the cool flat black BOSS stripe design, which flows down the fenders to the back of the car. A functional front lower spoiler keeps the air from lifting the nose at speed. The driver is shaded by Sport Slats in the rear window, and a black rear spoiler backhands the air as the BOSS slips by.

Hi-back bucket seats, full instrumentation, and color-keyed carpet are part of the BOSS package. This one has an up-charged AM radio and tinted glass as well.

These are cool cars for sure, and this one is in amazing shape, but still having just over 64,000 miles under its belt. It’s certainly one of the brightest cars in The Brothers Collection!

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1970 Ford Mustang BOSS 302 – Muscle Car Of The Week Episode 295 V8TV

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