1970 Plymouth Road Runner Transformation at the V8 Speed and Resto Shop

This 1970 Plymouth Road Runner arrived at the V8 Speed & Resto Shop in preparation for a major facelift.   Plans include a Superbird conversion and a late-model Hemi engine swap backed by a 6-speed manual transmission!  Of course, the front and rear suspension systems will be upgraded to match.   The V8 Team is extremely excited to bring this car to the next level!    Read More to see the photos and videos!

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1970 Plymouth Superbird 392 HEMI 6-Speed Restomod Transformation at V8 Speed and Resto Shop V8TV

1970 Plymouth Superbird 392 HEMI 6-Speed Restomod Transformation at V8 Speed and Resto Shop V8TV

We’re transforming this 1972 Plymouth into a 1970 Plymouth Superbird complete with a Mopar Performance 392
6.4 Hemi and a 6-Speed manual transmission in the V8 Speed and Resto Shop. It’s also getting some new tubular front suspension and other upgrades along with a complete repaint. We thought we’d share an update as we build the car in our latest “What are you in for” video series where we share in-process projects from around the shop!

This car was born as a 1970 Plymouth Satellite wearing Ivy Green. It was originally powered by a 318 V8 and used an automatic transmission shifted on the column. However, it went through a personality change and took on GTX appearance options at some point, including a bright Lime Light green repaint and a hopped up 360 engine. And although this was cool, our customer wanted something more, so he sent the car to the V8 Speed and Resto Shop for a complete Superbird conversion!

The Plymouth Superbird was engineered for high-speed aerodynamic stability on the high bank NASCAR tracks back in 1970. The race versions were radical cars for sure, with the large rear spoiler, nose cone, and 426 race hemi under the hood. The concept worked, as the Superbird and it’s cousin Dodge Daytona were good for the first 200+ MPH speeds in NASCAR.

To be NASCAR legal, “street” versions of the Superbird and Daytona had to be sold to the public, and although they were not widely appreciated when new, they are highly prized collectibles today. They command high prices at auctions due to their unusual design and limited production, which means that they are out of reach of most people.

However, the pieces to create your own Superbird have existed for years. And by doing a conversion, you don’t have to worry about negatively affecting the value of an original if you want to make changes, like adding a fuel injected HEMI engine or making the body nicer than the originals.

This car went from Satellite to GTX, and is on it’s way to Superbird glory as we perform all the modifications here at the V8 Speed and Resto Shop. One of the great things about Chrysler products are the fender tags, which spell out all the originally installed features in codes on the fender, making these cars easier to authenticate. In this case, nobody is trying to suggest this was a Superbird from birth, but rather, a dream car for our customer tailored to his specifications. We’re happy to bring it to life!

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