April Foolishness: Who’s The King? Muscle Car Of The Week Video Episode 300

April Foolishness? We’ll have a REAL Muscle Car again next week, we PROMISE! Alright, this one is definitely NOT a Muscle Car, and it might actually have you checking your calendar to see if it’s the beginning of April. But we spied this 1967 King Midget Model III in The Brothers Collection, and someone suggested it might be fun to take a look at this odd little car. And we promise, we’ve got something fun and smoky at the end to celebrate our 300th episode of Muscle Car Of The Week!

Lighting off a King is not the life-changing experience of a hopped up Hemi, in fact, it’s more like lawnmower without the blade. This version sports a ferocious air cooled 1 cylinder Kohler K301 gas engine, mustering up a sapling-pulling 12 Horsepower! But believe it or not, it drives pretty well!

These were produced first as kits by the Midget Motors Corporation, and then turn key cars you could buy from the mid 1940s up to 1970. It was once marketed as a “500 lb. car for $500.00”, the “World’s Number One Fun Car” and the “World’s Most Exciting Small Car”. They were street legal, with estimates of nearly 5000 built.

The company history is pretty interesting, being built from the ground up by two WWII civil air patrol pilots Claud Dry and Dale Orcutt, who envisioned a small, inexpensive car that anyone could buy. Dry and Orcutt pulled it off, running a successful car manufacturing company for decades… one that you may have never heard of. And while this pint-sized roadster might not be the reason you came to Muscle Car Of The Week, it is a peek into the diversity of The Brothers Collection, and a neat little piece of American automotive history.

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Who’s The King? Muscle Car Of The Week Video Episode 300



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