The Nova is still progressing!. The seats have been reupholstered with new fabric and vinyl from Sms autofabrics, and it looks great! The new sheetmetal has been painted in
the stock lightblue metallic. The entire car will eventually be repainted but there are some
more bodywork to take care of, including replacement of the left rear quarter skin.
After adding soundproofing and the complete interior it runs surprisingly quiet and of course
the overdrive trans helps too
The ride is firm but not harsh, and I am very pleased with the stance.
And of course it has all the modern amenities you would expect from modern a restomod
such as Bluetooth handsfree and streaming, remote power doorlocks and automatic DRL’s.

The brakes now works great after the upgrade to an 8 inch dual booster and putting some miles on them, apparently they needed to be broken in.

All in all it is really comfortable cruiser with great driveability.

And I do listen to V8Radio while working on it 🙂

The next step is to get it on the road legally is a mandatory safety inspection.
It can go two ways, either pass the inspection or we may have to re register it as an modified vehicle due to all the mods.