Ward Frahler

Well a little more progress. I got a 14″X3″X3/16″ plate, made my templates and cut out the pieces. I welded in the flat part first. I cut the side pieces tight, tacked them flush at the bottom and used a 3 lb. hammer to force them in at the top. I have a Hobart 175, I set it at 4(the highest) and wire speed at 70 (which as I understand it wire speed controls amps). As I welded it there was a void created and it filled back in, so I’m satisfied I got good penetration. I welded in the voids where I cut off the engine stands and then ground everything and then used a flapper wheel with 60 grit. I’ll probably paint everything with some krylon just to stop the rust until I get to set the motor. I’ll dress everything better when I take it apart.