Ward Frahler

More progress. Today(well late afternoon, I had to watch the UK wildcats beat Georgia) I welded in the steering mount and dressed it up a little, I will do a better job when I strip the frame down. You can see the amount I had to taper the frame to get it to line up with the column. This doesn’t have to be done to run the Borgeson power box, I just wanted it to be inline like they recommended. Knowing what I know now I could have completed this in a couple hours easy. If I had it to do over I would still go this route, of course I’m not driving yet. I have the car up on jackstands now. I’m going to be removing the exhaust, anybody need a duel exhaust for a 64 come get it and you can have it. It is all new but I will have to cut it in front of the rear axle to get it out. I’ll take pics and post as soon as I get it out. I’ll get the motor mated to the tranny and work on placing it next.