Ward Frahler

OK more…. I started off making cardboard templates of the frame stands so I can fit them to the frame when I set the motor in there where I want it.

Next was mating the tranny to the engine so I could get both in there with the engine at the right angle. I didn’t take a pic yet but since the tranny is a C-4 the tranny mount is in the original place and the original tranny crossmember worked and fit. the Gearvendor is up against the floor but resting on the mount on the crossmember. I will have to cut and spread the tunnel just a little but it will be hidden under the console.

Then I got my son to help push and turn the engine hoist while I guided the tranny from under the car. I was hoping to weld the stands to the tubular crossmember, not going to happen. They will reach to the frame so that is where they will be going. I am thankful that I cut into the crossmember, as you can see the oil pan sits down in there nicely. Man that is a lot of motor after seeing it mocked together. I put 2 bolts in each head but everything else is just sitting there. Just to refresh, it is a 5.4 Lighting motor with an adapter plate and a GT 500 blower, should be fun. I like how the exhaust ports are not pointing at anything, should be plenty room for headers. Those I will have to get made. Best of all I’m pretty certain at this time everything is going to fit under the stock flat hood.

One clearance problem is the Borgeson steering box. The left head is resting against it. I’m going to have to grind the head a little. It won’t hurt, it’s only in the side of the valve cover rail. I don’t have a pic of that yet either, my camera battery died.