Ward Frahler

Well it has been awhile. Wife had surgery(and doing better now), family visit, life in general, and on and on. Got into it today and couldn’t stop. Got the rear end out, did some grinding and fitting and mounted the triangulated 4 bar crossmember. One thing I have learned along with wtfwsat(Chris) is that it doesn’t fit the 63-4 trunk pan. I cut mine a little big because I plan on making a piece that looks factory to weld in. You can see in the one pic where it is up against the floor and the gap my fingures are fitting in. I only used 3 mounting bolts on each side to hold the crossmember because I plan on welding it in. I have the position from the bolt in the side and then snugged it up with the 2 bottom bolts. And I’ll say it again, the welds on these frames suck! I had to do a lot of grinding to allow the tabs to sit flush.