Ward Frahler

Another pretty productive day. Thanks to Chris(wtfwsat) for taking my calls and if nothing else moral support. As I stated earlier I ordered the rear with the spring perches loose because I needed to set the pinion angle. And the reason I wanted to do that is because I set the engine in there and set it back and down as far as I could and I didn’t know where that angle might end up. After reading many theories about pinion angles I settled on 1/2 deg, neg. I’m using a regular angle finder so accuracy is probably not the greatest but if it close I do have adjustable uppers so I should be able to fine tune it later. It was difficult for me to get everything lined up. Side to side checking, tapping, checking, pulling a little hair out, checking, etc… The directions from Ridetech say they used a 5″ stand to set ride height but that was to far from 14.5″ C to C of the shockwave mount. I had to cut mine down to 4.5″, so at ride height I have 4.5″ clearance rearend to frame and I’m happy with that. I tacked the perches and upper tabs in place and I could mig them in but I’m going to take them to a good welder I know and have them tigged in. Hope this helps some one.