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I believe those are going to be a great upgrade. For those who are unfamiliar… the ’63 and ’64s have a funky eccentric lower control arm bushing setup that causes problems. From the Born Again Classics site:

“1963-1964 Offset Shaft Conversion kit If you are rebuilding the front end of your 1963 or 1964 Galaxie, you will most likely, unless you knew, forget to rebuild the concentric off set shaft nuts and replace the offset shafts that are located in the front of the frame and are connected to the front of your lower control arms. If you DON’T rebuild these, you WILL have problems with alignment and tire wear. AND even if you do rebuild them and do not obtain a toe in stabilizer bar from Greg Donahue, you will have problems with the car “darting” on uneven pavement as well as uneven tire wear. The solution to the problem is to rebuild your concentric nuts, buy new offset shafts and toe in stabilizer bar from Greg Donahue. If you are wanting to stay 100% original you should follow that procedure. The total cost will be close to $450. Otherwise as an alternative you can purchase our offset shaft conversion kit and totally do away with the offset shafts! We need your old concentric nuts as a core exchange and we will send you out a kit that has been designed to do away with the offset shafts thereby locking the front end solid with no movement in the front of the control arms whatsoever without the need of the toe in stabilizer bar. Our kit is $232.00 including shipping to the U.S. The core charge, if you do not send in your exchange is $50.00 There will be a $10 cleaning fee assessed against your core charge if the cores are not returned degreased and cleaned up. These are easy to install and will stiffen up the front end tremendously.”

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