Ward Frahler

Thank you Kevin.

OK, I’m doing a little when I can. I’m waiting on some parts for the front end so I started looking at things that aren’t so cool but need to be done. I cut out the floor crossmember that goes across and holds the front of the buckets that the seat mount to. I knew I didn’t want to leave the ends just hanging out there. So I took a piece of 1/2″ square stock and cut relief cuts and contoured it to the crossmember I cut out. Then I welded it to together and ground it. Then I welded it to the crossmember. I cut out the excess, used pieces from the part I cut out to form the edges to meet back together. I like to try and make it looks like it belongs. I cleaned everything around the edges and coated with black Chassis Saver. I welded it back in and angled the edges of the original flange to give it a natural flow. Wal’la, instant(yeah right) Gearvendor OD floor fit. I cut out a little more of the tunnel, in fact I cut it back to the other crossmember so that when I make the new tunnel I can rest it on the front and rear flanges of the floor crossmembers. Next, tunnel.