Ward Frahler

Well again it has been awhile but I’m always lurking, just don’t post unless I have something to say. I have been trying to set up my front suspension for awhile. A smart man (Fakesnake) once told me that running the Fatman dropped spindles with Shockwaves would be too low, well I thought there is no too low and I already had the FM dropped spindles. I mocked everything up and noticed my ball joints were almost maxed out at Ridetech’s suggested ride height. The Fatman LCAs looked like they dipped towards the outside. I contacted cmedrop (Tyson) and asked him to compare pics of mine with his because he didn’t have the same problem, he thought they were different than his. I contacted Fatman Fab. (Tim) and he looked over my pics and said he didn’t know how they got out of the shop like that. He sent a call tag and they paid shipping both directions and fixed them. Here are pics of the way they were. I had these a few years as I collected parts so I am grateful that they, Fatman, fixed them. DSC01881.JPG DSC01882.JPG DSC01883.JPG More tomorrow, have to go to work.