Ward Frahler

Trying to clean up my garage to make some room. I got my car down in the front but the back is just sitting on jackstands at about ride height. Man it looks good to me. I wouldn’t mind if it sat a little lower but the oil pan is about 4″ inches off the ground and that is about as low as I want to go for a driving height. I also installed a stock spindle to have a reference for others and to compare. With the front end on jack stands again the D&S spindle side(pass) was 7 1/2″ from the bottom of the wheel to the floor, the stock spindle side(driver) was 6 1/8″ off the floor. I didn’t take the pics from the best angle but you can kind see where the upper ball joint is in relation to the wheel. So….. the difference between the three spindles are, lets say stock is zero from there the D&S will drop that by 1 3/8″ and the FM will drop 3 1/8″ from stock. some may get different measurements but I kept everything the same, the spindle being the only variable. I hung a fender just to get a preview of the ride height look, I love it. DSC01973.JPG DSC01977.JPG DSC01976.JPG DSC01975.JPG