Ward Frahler

The immediate plans are to get the motor and tranny mounted the way they need to be. Get all the new suspension mounted and the steering column cut and fitted.

Long term dreams and plans. I have and am going to be running a 2000 Lighting motor with an adapter plate to make possible the running of an 07 GT500 blower because it has the side draft intake. I want to run everything under a stock flat hood. I have a C-4 built to withstand 1000 hp, I know I won’t even be close to this amount, with a Gearvendor overdrive. I don’t have yet but will be acquiring a hydroboost brake set up. I will be getting a Ricks Tank fuel tank that is a direct replacement. I will be getting a Classic Auto Air heat and air set up. I have Fatman tublar upper and lower control arms and 2″ dropped spindles and the AirRide triangulated 4 link with single adjustable Shockwaves for all 4 corners.

Some of you fly through your builds. I will have highs and lows so my thread will seem to be going nowhere at times. Please bear with me as I go, at times I will have to rebuild funds to get a part that maybe holding me up.