Ward Frahler

So I’m working on getting my steering together so I can set the motor where I want it, or at least where it will go. I’m running the Borgeson box and it has it’s own issues. First, I bolted it up and with the column tube mounted straight the input shaft is touching the inside or right side of the tube, probably off by 1 1/4″. It states in the directions that you may have to shim the lower front bolt to get alignment. They have been good to talk to when I called. I can get close if I only tighten the rear bolt as shown in these pics. I’m thinking that I might cut into the frame on the rear side and push it in the amount that the front is sticking out, if that makes sense? Cut a “U” shape where it is like a flap towards the rear and push it in and weld it back up.

Next, it came with rag joint, but that is big. Borgeson offers a vibration dampener (in the picture) and they exchanged it for free. I installed the dampener and the new Borgeson steering shaft that Fatman Fab sent with all this stuff(more on that at the end). Then I cut 2″ off the column tube and slid it over the shaft and mounted it. That wasn’t enough, after measuring carefully over and over, can always cut more off, I cut 2″ more off. I went to the local bearing sales and thought I could get a bearing to fit the shaft and the inside of the tube, no such luck. The shaft is 3/4″ and the inside diameter of the tube is 2 1/8″. Well I bought an ag. that is 1.8xx outside diameter. A good friend of mine is making me a bushing out of UHMW that will sink the bearing up in the tube 1/2″ and have a snap ring to retain it. Hopefully mon. or tues.I’ll have it and I’ll post pics. This will center the shaft in the column and I need to do this to make sure the steering box is in line with the column and the shaft will be supported.

The shaft that Fatman sent is going to have to be cut. I guess no matter which route one goes some of the shaft would have to be cut. I have to call Borgeson mon and see if they will respline the shaft for me or if a local machine shop will or can do this. The shaft is going to have to be shortened 4 7/8″.