Ward Frahler

Also I did a search for Borgeson and 64 galaxie and found this,
Randy McBride- ’64 Ford Galaxie :: Kenny’s Rod Shop – Fabrication Division
If you scroll down the pics about 3/4 way there is a pic of this box mounted and the alignment issue. Kenny of Kenny’s rod shop called me back after I called and asked if he could talk to me a couple minutes, super guy to talk to. Anyways, he said they were thinking about cutting into the frame also but that when time came to send frame off to powder coating they had forgot to do this and when they started assembly they went with the U-joint/coupler you see in their picture. He said it was off about the same 1 1/8″ that I thought. They build some nice cars there.

Then there is this car..
1964 Ford Galaxie gets a Coyote engine and 4L80E trans swap
Along the article it states that they made a custom mount and modified the drag link. I have called them 2 times to ask about it, this is Deans personal car, but haven’t received a call back at this time. Something cool on Deans car is the trans mount they fabricated for there trans., the whole car is cool, what am I saying! Could be an idea for someone changing trannys. Oh yeah, they flattened the cross member for oil pan clearance.Here isd another link to that car and you can see the Borgeson box mounted.