Ward Frahler

Well my friend got my bushing made, PERFECT!! You can see in the pics he recessed the bearing back some and put a snap ring groove in there to retain the bearing. The bearing fits very tightly. He left enough meat behind the bearing so that I can drill a small hole in the tube and run a screw into the UMHW to keep it in the tube. Perfect! If anybody knows where to get a snap ring, I need a 42mm or English equivalent, the biggest he had access to was a 40mm. He left a collar to rest against the tube base. This a picture of the bushing stuck in a piece of the tubing I cut off.

Well Borgeson won’t cut and respline the steering shaft. Wish they thought to tell you this when you get products from them. They knew I was running their steering box and that the steering column has to be shortened so why would they even spline the shaft? Turns out I have to send the vibration coupling back and get one with the Double D and get the shaft cut and milled to a double D on the end. Well, just more trial and error, part of the fun and frustration. sorry about the blurry pics, hope you get the idea.