Ward Frahler

Well, I got some good progress made today.

I got the motor on an engine stand (forgot to take pics of that). I got a Canton oilpan because the sump was short, 8″, which allows me to set the motor back as far as I can. I’ll get pics.

Now to the car. I got it outside and got out the grinder with a stack of cutoff wheels. I cut the engine mount stands off in preparation for the new mounts(pictures with engine). Ground it smooth, think I’m going to fill in the voids with weld and totally smooth the crossmember.

Next I cut around the Borgeson steering box because I wanted the input shaft to be in line with the column shaft. When I tightened the rear bolt it did line up pretty close but the front of the box was kicked out about 3/16″. I cut it out and ground a wedge in the spacer and bolted it back together to align everything. Of course it took a couple tries. I’ll tack it in a couple places remove the box and weld it in solid. Do you have to do this?…. no but I’m running the Borgeson anti vibration coupler and they said it really needs to be inline….soooo.

Third, after reading and looking at the Hot Rods by Dean 64 Galaxie I decided to cut the crossmember to be able to lower the engine and low as I could. Can you believe the places rodents get? I will make a template and get a piece made to weld in. Did I have to do this…. no but the motor I’m doing has a good size blower on it and I’m trying to keep everything under the stock flat hood.