V8 Staff

This is a fuel-injected car, so we used a reproduction stock fuel tank from Tanks, Inc., and installed one of their in-tank fuel modules for the pump.

The module allows for an in-tank EFI pump to be mounted in nearly any kind of tank, as the depth is adjustable to the tank.

Here, the pump module and level sender are sealed to the tank and bolted tight. One fitting is pressure, the middle is for the fuel vent, and the other is a return.

Meanwhile, the Vintage Air hoses, condenser, and other items are installed as wiring begins.

Much of the plumbing and wiring will be hidden, but the goal was more to make the underhood area clean and not to hide absolutely everything.

Vintage Air Gen IV evaporator unit being installed under the dash.

An American Autowire Classic Update harness replaces all the old wiring.

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