V8 Staff

Next, attention was turned to the look of the 6.0 V8 engine. The goal was to have it “resemble” a Gen 1 small block, without going over the top trying to camouflage the late-model engine.

The mock-up block was used with the Edelbrock intake and EFI fuel rails. We wanted to move the ignition coils off the valve covers, but wanted to do something a bit different to help the illusion.

The result is this “fake” distributor, made from GM truck ignition coils mounted in a circular arrangement to resemble a distributor cap. The truck coils are the smallest bodied versions of LS coils, and the bracket will hold them in the back of the intake manifold behind the throttle body to resemble a distributor.

MSDyTl01I/AAAAAAABXwI/ZJo4CQb-eOsx7pzwPkd8H8lHRiDHKiTQQCHM/s1600/1965_Impala_SK_03.11.14_12.JPG” />

A rounded “hat” adds to the look.

This way, traditional spark plug wires will route to the spark plugs much like a old Chevy small block.

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