V8 Staff

I really think that you can match the old paint codes but in these new paints the metallics and or pearls have come such a long ways that the color is better than the original. I love blowing up that second shot of the top of the fender enough to see the grain sparkle. Maybe it’s because it’s BC/CC? Looks good!!

Great observation. For a truly “correct” restoration, the paint should be a single stage (no clear) in the original composition, laquer, enamel, or what-not. Those are hard to obtain, and they don’t perform like today’s paint products. The Axalta color and clear sprayed on this car are true to the color formula, but the result looks different from the original. The color is more vibrant, and this is only enhanced by the depth and gloss of the clear. Modern 2-stage paint systems offer not only better appearance, but also increased longevity, so they are the natural choice for most jobs. However, if this was a real L88 Corvette or HemiCuda, the material decision might be different.

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