V8 Staff

We realize that swapping any modern engine on an all original car like this can be perceived as disrespecting the car. And while we want to honor the owner’s wishes, the last thing we wanted to do was needlessly alter this car in favor of the new engine in case a future owner wants to restore the car back to its original condition. After all, this car has all of its original parts, engine, transmission, rear end, suspension and brakes in storage, so it would be a great candidate for a numbers matching correct restoration in the future. But today, he wants to drive this car harder than was possible with the original parts with the reliability of modern fuel injection, so here we are.

Challenge is to complete a modern Driveline conversion without changing the car in any way. Our goal is to make this modern electronic fuel injection engine swap be 100% reversible leaving no evidence should a stock restoration occur in the future. This means we cannot cut the firewall or inner fender wells, cannot drill holes for brackets, cannot molest the original wiring… so the fairly simple task of changing an engine now requires some strategic planning to achieve the goal.

Our first step was to protect the front sheet metal of the car with some math paper, and take measurements of the hood and Fender fitment and record those measurements. This car had a pretty good fit, and those measurements help us when we eventually reinstall the hood after the engine conversion is complete.

Next, fluids were drained from the Oldsmobile 400, and it was disconnected from transmission. All the wiring and hoses were on disconnected and the team removed the hood. Next, the engine was removed and secured on a pallet to be returned to the owner. This engine will never be separated from the car, Just taken out of service.

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