Mike Clarke

There is an update! Mike goes over it in this episode of V8 Radio:



Of course, Q is welcome to post some pics and more updates here as well!

Ha! Indeed there is an update that’s covered in the latest episode of V8 Radio. In a nut shell, a ruse was orchestrated in order to press my machinist into action.

I have the block back along with the new rotating parts. Nothing was assembled, however, the rotating assembly was balanced and all the machine work was done. What I need to get is rod and main bearings along with rings. With that, I can get the short block together. I still need to source a cam/valve train.

There’s been some heated debate as to which heads to use. My current heads are stock 670 cast iron heads. The combustion chamber was cc’d at 77cc’s. The static compression ratio comes in at 10.3:1. The consensus of opinions is about 10:1 that it’s too high for pump gas. I’m inclined to agree. I may have a line on some 6x heads that have a larger combustion chamber. That’ll bring my compression ratio to a much more manageable 9:1.

There’s still many details that need to be addressed. But I have my engine back, I’m starting to see a ray of light at the end of the tunnel. C39BFDC4-0500-487C-BCE3-E25D0ADA8693.jpeg