Mike Clarke

[quote=”oestek” post=4027]”Might as well!” :cheer:

Don’t forget the antecedent to that clause: “As long as…”

As long as we’re pulling the heads we might as well replace the cam and lifters too. And a new intake can’t hurt. And as long as the timing cover is off we might as well replace it with a new one. And a new double roller timing chain set.[/quote]

That’s funny you say that as that’s how this all came to be. This engine saga started out as a simple, engine in car, cam swap due to a wiper out cam lobe. First a burnt exhaust valve was discovered when replacing the valve springs. Then when the heads were pulled, I discovered that the pistons were these low compression cast rebuilder double eyebrow pistons. So that’s when this whole thing went sideways. When the pistons and rods were pulled, all the rod and main bearings were obliterated. This whole thing was a ticking time bomb. We do this ‘cause we love it, right???