V8 Staff

Sorry for taking so long to post on the GTO story, but things have been really busy around here. This is a cool story and I enjoy reading it and seeing your progress!

Nice work on the in-dash tach, I agree, it looks pretty slick that way. Those GTO dash clusters can be pretty daunting, glad to see it all went back together smoothly.

I dig those 8-relief pistons! Those are darn-near universal… they probably fit different bores as well! It would be interesting to measure those and see how much the second set of reliefs were costing in compression, in addition to quench and swirl. Maybe not interesting enough to actually DO it, but it would be cool to see.

The new roller stroker will be a really nice engine, something I would imagine Pontiac would have done back in the day if the technology was available. They were the tech leaders, after all. Wasn’t the Ram Air IV cam the first computer-designed cam ever?

Looking forward to the next update, but I realize it’s now real-time, so I’ll be patient!

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