V8 Staff

This car has an interesting history, one that is all-too-common to many of us. Specifically, the owner bought it in the late 1980s, and promptly had the engine rebuilt with top-shelf stuff. The car was Tyrol Blue with a black interior and black vinyl top. It’s a factory A/C car with a 400 V8 and an automatic.

The owner drove it for about 1000 miles and parked it in order to dedicate his resources to raise his family. That was in about 1989. Today, the time has come to bring it back to the road!

This is how the car arrived at the V8 Speed & Resto Shop. It looks rough and rusty, but some of that is brown primer.

It’s not pretty, and the lower rear quarters have been cut off, but it’s fairly complete.

Some disassembly has already occurred, and there were some extra parts in the car.

The mighty 400 looks a bit forlorn, but some pieces appear new… or at least not as old as the rest. Hoses, some wiring, and the alternator seem recent.

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