V8 Staff

Back in the body shop, the top layer of epoxy is cleaned and scuffed in preparation of body filler application. We load our FBS sprayers with DuPont Final Klean 3909 cleaner, A 0.5 VOC multi-purpose cleaner that leaves no surface residue and dries quickly making it ideal as a final cleaner. It works well on sanding sludge, grease smears, dirt, insect remnants, bird droppings, tree sap, silicone, salt/road film, tape adhesives, fingerprints and compound sludge.

This cleaning / preparation stage is often overlooked, but it is very important to not spread filler over dirty, dusty, or greasy surfaces for proper adhesion.

Then the Evercoat filler fest begins! You’ve seen how the car fits in bare steel, so this stage is going to refine the surface and make for an arrow-straight body.

The Evercoat Rage Ultra filler is mixed and spread over the entire car, but 90% will be sanded off.

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