V8 Staff

Time for a quick test-fit of the LT4.

We had recently installed a new Centerforce DYAD clutch and flywheel on our 540 big block Chevy engine but we wanted to run a Centerforce DYAD clutch with the LT engine as well. However, the LT flywheel would be different. Rather than install the new flywheel with a used clutch and split up the set, we elected to obtain a new flywheel and DYAD DS clutch from Centerforce for the LT engine, and offer the matched clutch and flywheel from the big block for sale.

The Centerforce DYAD DS is a thing of mechanical beauty. The machined flywheel is nearly too nice to hide inside a bellhousing!

BUT… it wouldn’t do much good on the bench! ARP hardware holds it to the LT4 crank.

You’ll notice some pink / red dots on the components… these are alignment markings provided by Centerforce. This system was balanced at the factory, and they are kind enough to place the parts in the box all ready to go. However, if you seperate them, you can realign the parts using the dots to during installation so they remain in balance.

The DYAD part… the 11” clutch disc and the “floater” dual disc assembly. Centerforce claims these will hang on to up to 1300 lb. ft. of torque while still being able to drive comfortably. We’ve found the driveablility claim to be true in several high-hp cars, including this one with the 540. These units provide predictable “grab” with smooth engagement and a pedal you can live with.

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