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Next, the team wired up the T56 Magnum transmission using a Bowler All In One harness. This is a handy piece that incorporates all the connections required on a T56 for safe operation into one harness.

From Bowler:

“The All-in-One harness solution for the Tremec T-56 Magnum transmission comes equipped with all the connections pre-wired into one harness for a simple installation and ease of use. The small epoxy sealed controller is mounted to the VSS output using the existing bolt, and once the unit is powered up you will be able to connect via Bluetooth to your Apple or Android smartphone using our free app. The app will give you the ability to customize the input and output settings for each feature to ensure proper operation in your vehicle. The All-in-One harness eliminates the need for any additional equipment to operate the reverse lock out or generate the correct speedometer signals coming from your Tremec T-56 Magnum. This All-in-One harness solution is the perfect finishing touch for any Tremec T-56 Magnum conversion, and the only harness you will ever need.”

Unit mounted:

And the Dakota Digital OBDII interface to send the signals from the ECM to the dash.

These devices simplify the communication betweed various digital and analoge systems making it far simpler to perform these kinds of swaps.

Soon, the intake tube was made and the LT4 was ready to fire!

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