V8 Staff

Soon we were ready to strap it down on the dyno and put some power to it and perform more datalogging and refinements.

Trevor at the wheel of the car and tune…

The results… 670 HP / 720 TQ corrected for weather at the wheels.

Driving the car is a blast… when the power comes on, you’d better be ready! It shreds tires at will. Two V8 Team members Trevor and Tyler took the car on a 600 mile shakedown run to the Holley LS Fest in Bowling Green, KY, with no major issues, save for a power steering leak at the rack. Overall, it was a great ride for them. Our freinds at Forgeline were kind enough to host the car for the weekend.

However, we’re not at the finish line yet. It turns out that the car has an issue with the throttle during upshifts where the RPM climbs a bit after the throttle has been closed. It seems this is a “thing” with LT4 swaps, and we’re working with GM and a few others to land on a solution… more on that shortly!

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