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But one of the most versatile aspects of the Vintage Air Gen IV system is the servo controls. These integrated stepper motors are controlled remotely to change the internal cold / hot temperature blend doors, as well as the passages sending air to the floor, dash vents, and defrost ducts.

In this shot, you can see the two white adapters attached to the original Corvette heater controls. Initially, we thought we were going to use this configuration, relying on the original Corvette slider controls to actuate the servo controllers of the Vintage Air unit. However, space constraints with the 6-speed transmission made us choose a smaller Vintage Air controller for the inputs. However, we’ve modified the black knobs by spinning them down to give them an appearance that more closely resembles the chrome-ringed knobs of the original.

The Vintage Air evaporator unit bolted into the Corvette’s dash using the supplied bracket.

Looking at the firewall, the only intrusions are the hard refrigerant lines and the fittings for the heater hoses. Note the block-off plate for the original blower fan in the upper left under the fender.

The condenser bolted in front of the radiator.

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