V8 Staff

These engines do not have provisions for power steering pumps, as the new Ford cars they power have electric steering.

Here you can see the Vintage Air Frontrunner serpantine belt and A/C system for the 5.0. The Vintage Air unit adds the pump as well as the A/C compressor in a tight package.

The 5.0 is an aluminum engine, and although we love the look of the raw cast block, heads, and bracketry, we hate how the aluminum oxidizes and turns ugly over time. So we’ve been coating engines with Eastwood’s Ceramic Engine Paint in Aluminum Silver. We shot a test part with this stuff and cooked it to 500 degrees in our oven without any hint of color change or blistering, and it resists solvents. So now aluminum parts stay looking like aluminum thanks to the “nano ceramic technology”. That’s OK, I don’t know what it means either.

Here’s a sneeky-peeky of how the 5.0 fits in the engine bay with the Detroit Speed Aluma-Frame underneath.

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