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Here’s the intro video on the BOSS 302.0.

In this video, we extract the car from the barn, and go over the plan and design concepts for the car.


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Here’s the video install of the Detroit Speed Aluma-Frame and front suspension system. Some of the holes are a little tricky to drill, but overall, the install went smoothly. Can’t wait to drive this one!


Here’s the first part of the Detroit Speed QUADRALink install, this is the deep tub and brackets that go on the car’s body.


We’re installing a trick suspension system based around the Detroit Speed AlumaFrame subframe. The AlumaFrame is a cast-aluminum cradle that bolts to the Mustang’s front rails and provides suspension mounting points for the Detroit Speed tubular suspension system.

The AlumaFrame consists of a variety of parts that all work together, the largest being the frame itself. Other parts include the upper control arm mounts and the upper coil-over shock brackets. There are shims and steel plates which are used for mounting the frame.

Holes are drilled in the original rails to allow the AlumaFrame to attach.

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