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I used to have a 1969 Olds 442 W30, From what I was told when I bought it (was used) it was modified by Dr. Olds in Milwaukee Wi. It was red with white vinyl top.It was stolen from me, pissed me off & broke my heart at the same time. I put 5 years of hard work doing my own modifications to it & 6 months later a guy gave me a rubber check, never heard from him again. I talked to a guy at the track in Kakauna Wi. He said last he heard about car it had motor, 455, & tranny, M22 Rock Crusher with Hurst Ram Rod shifter takin out of it & just the body was left. Had a small lift kit in it, Keystone mags, 14×8 front 15×10 rear. If anyone knows where my car is I’d love to buy it back, in whatever shape it’s in. I’m 68 now, would be sweet to get back before I’m not around.

Wow man, that’s not a good story. Sorry to hear about the guy ripping you off, but it really sounded like a cool car! I’d say the first thing you need to do is see if you have anything with a VIN on it. Old registration, insurance card / receipt, anything to check and see if the car is still out there in the world. If you can find the VIN, I’ll gladly help you track it down.

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