V8 Staff

Fortunate enough to have had a brother that was a top machinist, he machined a hunk of aluminum to fit around the column with a slot to accept a hose clamp to hold it in place. Then I mounted oil and temp gauges on it. The tach shares the same band clamp and is held in place. I can see the speedo above 35mph, which is all I need. I never look at it anyway. LOL I usually see people mount them low under the dash. Useless, IMO.

Love the fact that they are right in your view on the column. These are tricky cars to add gauges to, as they didn’t have a factory rally pack or anything of the sort. Plus, if you want to make something that looks factory, all the Rig gauges are square. I agree, under dash gauges are OK for occasional monitoring, but in a racing situation you need them up front like in your car. Your brother made a cool bracket!

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