Jeff Holthenrichs

hey Kevin, thanks for all the help with figuring out what electric fan setup will work in my 69 Riv. Not to mention that bitchin’ tip you gave me on the shock spacers. Worked like a charm. I’ll post some pics of the disc brake swap I’m doing.

The Riv always runs cool except in traffic with the AC on. Then it just gets temp creep and I end up having to turn off the AC and hold the RPMs up to keep it cool. Embarrassing, really.

Nearly all my winter work is done. I put the stiffer and shorter rear springs back in it. I had them in it for about a decade and last winter wanted to make some changes as the nose was just too low. The softer and shorter ones (coupled with the softer and shorter front springs) really put on a spark show on the highway!

Years ago when I first put the stiffer and shorter springs in it, the nose sat way too high. I guess the stiffer spring rate just wouldn’t settle much. So on a whim I pulled the front springs and cut a full coil off. Oops. it slammed it into the weeds. I had almost no front suspension travel. But it looked really badass and handled just insanely well. So this winter I got another set of the esact same front springs, but this time I only cut a half a coil off. And it STILL sat too high in the front. Oy. So I pulled the springs AGAIN and of the remaining half coil I cut 2/3 of it off. Much better but now it sat level and I really wanted a rake to it. So I pulled the springs AGAIN!!!!! and cut 1.25″ of the remaining half coil off. So I am about 7/8 of a full coil off the spring. And this time I nailed it. it has a nice rake and is about 2 full inches higher in the front. It really was slammed low.

Also, I had to replace the rear axle bearings. And while I was doing all this I noticed a drip of coolant coming from the core support. So the cheapo Griffin Aluminum rad had been replaced with the brass 4-row I had made years ago. And while I was at it…

The slammed front end in conjunction with the ADDCO fat sway bar made it really hard to fit end links in there. So I had to shorten them. In doing so, the angle that the sway bar fed down to the control arm was pretty steep. So I had my buddy machine aluminum spacers for me to lower the bar as it mounts to the frame. This should put the angle of the bar in a position to really bolt the end links in there tight.

So now I have to have my buddy make me another rad cover that will fir better than the boogered factory one. The 4 row end tank that was originally a 3 row doesn’t fit well, and with the added weight of the fans I want to be sure the rad is secure.

Man, these damn Rivieras are such a PITA once you start modifying them!!! There is literally ZERO aftermarket support. Which makes it all the more sweeter when it gets done. I hope to let you beat on it some day. I’m trying for MCACN this year. We’ll see.