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Soon, pictures of GS Stage 1 cars and GSXs were all over my bedroom walls, I was building GSX models, and I had a mission. The Sewer Sniffer was going to be mine one day, and I was going to turn it into a clone Saturn Yellow GSX and rule the world. I was only 13 at the time, but it made sense in my feeble mind.

Feeding the fire was a white ‘71 GS 350 car that appeared every once-in-a-while in the church parking lot a block away from our house. I’d snap pictures of it whenever I could. I don’t think I had even seen a real GSX in person at this point, but the ‘71 350 car really wound my watch.

(All the pics of the green ‘72 and this white ‘71 were taken by an adolescent Yours Truly.)

My Dad and I even worked on the car once or twice.. we peeled the dry-rotted vinyl top off the car, sanded the rust, and rattle-canned the top black. It was far from a pro job, but it was one of the first times I did anything productive on an old car. I don’t have any pics of that phase.

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