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But, as they say, all good things must come to an end. One crappy day in 1985, I was walking home from somewhere and I didn’t see the Sniffer parked out in front of the house. Then I spotted a neighbor woman who lived a couple blocks away behind the wheel of MY green Buick. My Dad had elected to dump the ‘72 in to the neighbor for the same $300.00 he paid for it. He replaced it with a custom ‘79 Dodge Maxivan to drive – which was hella-cool – but not GSX cool.

The VAN parked in front of our house, I don’t know who the guy is with the T Bucket, but he stopped over one day in about 1985, so I snapped this pic.

I was torn… the van was fun, but now I had to watch my ticket to ride slowly decompose into a pile of rust chips at the hands of a person who didn’t give a rat’s rump about the car… or my plan to rule the world with it.

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