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My obsession with GSXs as evidenced by my bedroom wall… sorry for the blurry photo. Note the GSX Prototype feature article to the left, we’re actually building one of those in the shop now! The newsprint pics were all local cars for sale that I could never afford.

I nearly lost it one day at a Buick club cruise at Strat’s on Mannheim Road in Franklin Park, IL. (That’s gone now.) It was a rare chance to see a bunch of GSXs up close and in person. I promise I didn’t touch any of them.

Fast forward a few years to 1991, and I eventually convinced my Dad into getting me a Skylark of my own. By this point I living with my parents and going to college in Chicago, and I spotted a ‘72 ‘Lark for sale in Chicago. It was primered gray with a black vinyl top and a black interior, and it was like $1200.00. It was basically a “nothing” car, 350 2 barrel base-model Skylark with 100k miles on it and no options. This was a car of many lessons, the first one being to never buy a car in primer! Me, being the super-genius that I was, decided to pick up my plan right where the old green car left off, and build a GSX clone and rule the world. Of course, going to school, and having severely limited funds, tools, and skills didn’t stop our hero one bit. I drove that car around for the summer of 1991 and even took it to the Car Craft Street Machine Nationals in DuQuoin (where it wouldn’t do a burnout until the natives picked up the rear by the bumper, true story) and decided it was frame-off resto time that fall.

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