Jeff Holthenrichs

Keep moving it forward, Kevin.

Replacing my spindles and disc brake setup now. Instead of pulling my spindles and having them modified and powdercoated, I bought another set. I’ll keep my originals wrapped up and oiled up for any future needs. I painted the control arms. Had the spindles powdercoated. Also, painted the frame up front. Media blasted every nut and bolt and painted them nice. Pulled the bumper and had the brackets powdercoated along with the reaction rods. Gonna look nice when I bolt it back together. Have to replace the outer tie rod ends. Also replacing the stock mushy springs with the stiff ones I took out last year, except I bought a new set and instead of cutting a full coil I only cut a half coil. They are shorter to start with and the full coil cut was just too much. Of course, the rebuild I had done on the steering box seems to have been a BS one as it is leaking. oy. Why can’t I find anyone who claims to do a job that really does it!? spindle.JPG