Jeff Holthenrichs

That’s what I have. Eaton. They are stiffer and shorter than stock, but the nose still sits too high for my taste. So I cut a whole coil and it sat too low in the front. I drove it like that for years and finally got tired of it last year. I went with softer springs. The stance was nailed but it was just too squishy! While it is no corner carver, the stiffer front and rear springs really made it corner great for an antique barge. So I ordered another set of front springs and just cut half a coil this time. I’ll know for sure in 2 or 3 weeks, depending on how much time I have to reassemble it and bleed the brakes. I also need an axle bearing, I think. Lots of rumble back there. I hope that’s all it is. I have another 3.42 set but really don’t want to haul the whole rear out and up to NY to have my guy do a swap.