Jeff Holthenrichs

First, thanks for the idea to use plumbing couplings as spacers for my shocks. Worked like a charm. Just had to hold each one against the grinder to level them and shorten them. Took only a few minutes. If I were anal I’d have ground the outside casting form off them, but they are hidden and I’m just not up for that much grinding. They look fine.

Second, I converted to a modern , high-amp, one-wire alternator on my 69. Works great and powers my mega-watt stereo with the AC cranking, trans cooler fan and auxiliary electric cooling fan just fine. Not sure if you can get a higher amp unit as a stock replacement. Keep us informed.

Third, I rebuilt my underhood engine wiring harness. Had to do it wire by wire. Had to source all the clips and stuff piece-meal. Reused some of the original stuff. I’ve done a few for others since then. My wires were rock hard and very brittle. I also replaced the resister wire with a standard wire so I can run an MSD setup and electronic ignition. Let me know if you want me to do yours. As a favor. Now, as for the other harnesses in our cars…….. LOL.