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I was working at a Buick dealer in the body shop, pushing a broom and detailing cars, but I tried to absorb everything I could about how to paint a car. My buddy Jim was always painting old cars, and he was very helpful as well. Around this time period, I started to realize that the magazine articles proclaiming cheap, fast, and good-looking paint jobs were not always accurate. This stuff is a lot of work, and everything was more expensive than I thought.

I had the chassis media blasted, and I painted it in the alley behind the garage.

I bought a set of wheels from my buddy Jim, and sand blasted them and painted ‘em up. The centers were black, and I hand striped the “windows” with red for an accent. I used a flex-agent in the clear to keep them from chipping. Truth is, they never rolled again in my possession, so it worked… they never chipped!

I bought a 1970 455 and TH400 trans from a friend in Chicago for $450.00. The engine came out of a ‘70 Electra. It ran, but was tired, so I pulled it apart and stored the pieces. Again, this was the learning experience car, and I wasn’t smart enough to keep the engine together until it was rebuild time. By pulling it all apart, you are much more likely to never find all the parts again. However, a big crankshaft does look cool standing under the workbench. I bought a real 1970 GSX grille from a guy who found an NOS piece for his car, and it only set me back 180 1991 dollars. I found a 3.73 Posi 10-bolt out of a ‘70 GTO and bought it for $475.00. Man, parts were adding up!

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