V8 Staff

I really enjoyed reading your story Kevin and I now understand why the GSX is one of your favourite cars in the Brothers collection! Man how did you get that gig?

I like how you are able to enjoy your Riviera whilst restoring it as you go. I think you have inspired me from your first Buick build to pull the chassis from my own restoration project and get it blasted and painted properly, it’s already detached from the body anyway.

I’m only starting to dive into all the forum threads here but it looks like it will keep me entertained for quite a while. Cheers


Thanks for the kind words, Ben! Hope you enjoyed the long story… this thread is just as much of a place for me to keep my history as well as share it with others. The Brothers Collection gig is a whole different story… maybe I’ll share that one in a new thread in the Muscle Car Of The Week section. Best of luck to you on the ElCamino, I’ll post comments on your thread.

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