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But one fine rainy afternoon in about 1984, my Dad came home with a something different… a green 1972 Buick Skylark with a 350 4-barrel and an automatic.

I couldn’t believe it. I remember peering out through the front room (Chicago thing) curtains and seeing it parked on the street in front of the house. “Dad bought a Chevelle!” I yelled. I was super jazzed. My Mom and Sister didn’t care. But I was elated… we had a Muscle Car!

My Dad came in from the rain, and I asked him about the new Chevelle he just bought. “I think it’s a Buick” he said as he walked passed, not demonstrating any of the enthusiasm I had. “It’s a s*&^box” he added.

As you can imagine, I was kinda tossed in 2 different directions… how could he not think it was the coolest thing ever, and… it’s a Buick? What the what? I immediately took notes of what I saw… it was green, dark green vinyl top (or what was left of it), green bench seat interior, and it was riding on hubcaps. Sure enough, it said “Skylark” on the crusty quarter panels. There go my LS6 454 SS dreams. But it had a stance… all jacked-up in the back, and sittin’ low and mean in front. It turns out he bought the car for $300.00 from Tony, a local repair shop owner who was also a reserve Police officer and friend of my Dad. Tony installed a set of used station wagon coil springs in the back of this Skylark to fix a saggy rear end. I thought it looked tough; my Dad called it the “sewer sniffer”.

But it LOOKED like a Chevelle. What was the deal? It was time to go back through the stacks of car magazines to see what was up with this Buick and how we could make it cool. That’s when I learned about the mighty 1970 Buick GSX, and the legendary 455 Stage 1 engine… the glorious Saturn Yellow and Apollo White paint schemes… the 500 ft. lbs. of torque, the mid 13-second quarter times… and we had a car that could someday be just as awesome.

The mighty GSX.

Our 1972 Pile.

My Dad eventually kinda warmed up to the car. The Buick 350 had a 4-barrel and was rated at about 170 net horsepower, but man, he could do some awesome 1-wheel burnouts with that car. It was only on a couple of occasions, but I vividly remember him roasting the right rear tire and we both laughed like kids.

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