V8 Staff

This 1970 El Camino came to the V8 Speed & Resto Shop looking to be straightened out and to be sprayed in Chevrolet Cranberry Red. When completed, the owner wished to re-assemble the car on his own.

The car was sporting lots of new sheetmetal, but the chassis was tweaked and in need of replacement. For this task, we contacted Desert Valley Auto Parts in Arizona, and they had a very clean frame in-stock to support our Elky project. Back in our shop, we media blasted the frame and shot it with black epoxy primer, followed by a BASF gloss black paint to make it last. These cars are prone to cracks in the frame, so it’s important to check yours when you strip it.

After the new frame was installed, the V8 Speed & Resto body & paint crew took over straightening the miles of sheetmetal on the ’70. Dozens of dings and low spots were pulled with the Spitznagel MAXI, hammers, dolleys, and other tricks to make the steel as straight as possible.

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